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Renault ClioInexperienced drivers are often horrified to discover how expensive it can be to insure even the smallest, cheapest motor. However insurance is a legal requirement - its designed to protect you, your motorcar and anyone else involved in an accident.

Customer Review

"Ive been with Tesco for over 3 years now. At first i wasent sure about going with them as i had only known them as a supermarket. However, i have found them to be competitive and realiable for my cover. I get tesco clubcard points being a holder which is a good benefit of the policy. I am happy with level of cover i have for the price. Thus far i would be happy to reccomend to my friends and family." Read More About Tesco


The good news is that generally, the older you get the cheaper your car insurance will become - especially if you remain claim free. As a first driver you're in a high-risk category right now - statistically, one in five people have an accident within six months of passing their test.

Pass Plus

For the best quote, the pass plus scheme could help you obtain a discount. Then shop around over the internet and phone. The best policy isn't always the cheapest. Compare the small print carefully- if you want piece of mind of having legal protection, courtesy vehicles and breakdown cover, make sure they are included.

Competitive Rates

The van insurance industry is now a tough market place with many insurers offering competitive packages. The ideal way to get the best deal possible is to shop around online and get as many quotes as possible.

No Claims Bonus

All the usual factors will contribute to how cheap or expensive your cover will be. Having a no claims bonus will save you money and get you some attractive discounts.

Adequate Cover

Finding the best motorbike insurance is not always an easy task. Having in-adequate cover can leave you with expensive bills and out of pocket. You may need classic bike insurance or cover for multiple riders or even an off road policy. The good news is that bike insurance is now more competitive than ever giving the customer better quotes.

Best Deals Online

With the increase in popularity of the motorcycle, insurance providers have adapted to offer customers a package that is more suited to their needs. If you are a 50cc moped driver or a superbike rider there will be a deal that is tailored to meet your needs. Finding the right deal is just a click away from comparing the best deals online.

Online Comparison

To get the best value insurance it is important to do a thorough comparison online. Shopping around is likely to get you a multitude of competitive quotes. You can then take the best deal you are offered here and enquire with the providers who do not feature on comparison sites to see if they can beat the quote.

Cheapest Package

Getting value is all about getting the best deal that is tailored to what you need. There is no point in getting a great price on something that covers you for a lot more than you actually need. At the same time there is not much benefit in getting the very cheapest package if it is not likely to cover you for situations that you are likely to need.

Motor Insurance Explained

When it comes to cheap deals Tesco is one of the biggest emerging providers, you could save up to £252. One of the benefits is the ability to collect clubcard points. Please note we do not collect any personal details, and you cannot apply for quotes online via this site. We are not the official Tesco Finance website. For quotes and more details please visit the official website.

Pound Coins If you have had previous road accidents, your quotes can increase depending on service history. Some discounts may be available as well as premium offers. Payouts can depend on liability. For cheap quotes compare websites online and enter your bonus code for any reduced claims. "The amount your auto company will pay is based on an estimate of your car's, trucks, or automobiles value at the time of the incident, not what you paid for it originally.

For more information and a better understanding and more info on how it works we recommend checking out the Insurance Information Institute website as it is packed with useful information and good articles.

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If you have ever applied online for a quote you will have noticed the significantly higher costs for vehicles with a larger engine size. Why is this? If two cars are driving at 30mph and have an accident wont they cause the same amount of damage? So why is the cover more expensive for the larger engine car? Read on to find out Why Does Engine Size Effect Car Insurance Costs?